6 Reasons why Pakistan isn’t able to beat India in ICC tournaments

  1. Pakistan try to play mind games before big match which isn’t their cup of tea and in this process they get panicked.
  2. Whenever they win the toss, most of the times they need to Bat 1St. Its their bowling which they can rely upon more than their unpredictable batting
  3. Players lack match awareness especially when they are batting. They fail to read the situation, It might be matter of few overs to change the course of the match but they fail to understand it.
  4. Aggressive intent is missing right from the start of innings. Batsmen are failing to score even run a ball. Revamped lineup is required to get better just like England did 2 years back.
  5. Lack of Innovative ideas. Pakistan captains have been substandard when they face India. One can’t be just ordinary to beat a superior team like India in big tournament.
  6. Dropping catches, missing run outs these are often seen. Fielding is Integral part of the match and they are mediocre in this department.

At the end of the day, It depends on how well the team sustains pressure and India have been doing it brilliantly over last 8 years in ICC tournaments.

India v Pakistan - ICC Champions Trophy


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